-to even think……that we’re reaching our 1 year ;)
Woman, I’m breaking my fast for the moment because I just miss our moments so much. And to think that we have reached that milestone of which we’ve NEVER dreamt of in ANY way possible; it’s nothing short of God’s work and His miracles… and of course, mucho mucho effort on our side as well to uh. Keep in touch?
(like we need “effort” to keep in touch, right ; since “fate” brought us together. AHAHAHA XP)
This is my post for you today, woman.
With all the stress I’m going through, I really have SO MUCH, so much to say to you.
Foremostly, our official “anniversary” would be … well, I’m still waiting for you to “try” to open the stupid computer (ahehehe. Our chat caused everything to lag. nyahaha.) to find out when but I know it’s in the month of November. Yes I know, it’s like telling you today’s Friday, right? :P
But ever since you came into my life, many’d changed. One of which I could never thank you enough for is the fact that you came into my life and KICKED my issues out the window. You made me to be a swan from someone who perceives herself as an ugly duckling. You made me grow in confidence I should have, and you constantly were on my side supporting me and knowing me inside out; more than anyone knows me.
From nonsensical crushes to bastard exes to useless crushes, “fate” really brought us together. I’d rephrase : God ordained this time for us.
I don’t know how else to phrase the love I have for you; and even more so, the gratefulness that comes with knowing the fact that I have you by my side at all times. The gratefulness that the love you have for me goes beyond every thing in your life – well, not EVERYTHING everything, but you get the picture.
And because of what you can do for me and you always did for me; I always emerge a winner at the end of every ordeal that I go through. And that , woman; is my privilege to have you. To have you support me in every single way possible it makes me confident of what I have and not complain of what I don’t; and you push me to pursue my dreams in everyway possible.
And now I’m pursuing our dreams : one of us will know Spanish inside out and uh.. be your translator, I guess :P
Unless you wanna go “Chicken?” on your guy next time, bring me along. You know? :P
You’re nothing but beautiful, woman. The times when you spent with me, especially yesterday after going through all the hassle of not sleeping for 2 days; gosh I thank you so much for that sacrifice. As much as i wanted to tell you to NOT come purposely for me (of which I know will receive the “HAIYAH! Shut up lah woman! Smack your head!” .. ), I know you still would and woman, nobody really did all that for me.
I thank you, woman. For this one whole year of love, joy, and sharing we have.
Thank you for making me part of your life.
And I did tell you how much I don’t like what we’re going through now hence. We can let go.
You can let go.
Drop it (woman, let the weight fall on.. balls. If you know what I mean XP).
‘cos if we DO believe in fate (which we do) , somehow it will kick him in the ass in the most painful way possible.
Karma, woman.

And thank you for bringing that to him.

Forget about it woman. He’s not worth the part in this post.
And seriously, while writing this anniversary post, I’m thinking of the times we spent just bitchin’.
And for those who don’t know, I don’t bitch. She brings the bitch outta me – because she’s so sick of me being the “dude” most of the time.
Neh, you guys won’t know what I’m sayin’, ‘cos it really takes only the two of us to know whatever we say. Haha.
Woman, for protecting me in every way possible; especially yesterday when I broke a certain news to you- and you challenged me and rebuked me in a way that a real friend would;
For keeping MY best interests in your heart;
For persevering in our friendship when I’m the one who felt like giving up;
For being the chick that kicks the “dudeness” out of me SOMETIMES (yeah I know you’re frustrated and I feel your pain; but YOU LOVE ME. I know, shaddap. :P);
For loving me the way I am and still do;
For just helping me kick some ass when some people need them :P ;
For the fun times with clubbing, camwhoring, alco-gulping (that’s me not you I know. Shaddap :P), and getting all happy-tipsy :P;
For the friendship that reaches a year; and counting (!!!);
For the whole identity that WE have;
For knowing me just as I am without me needing to say a single thing;
I love you.
Well, this comes to an end of a long post and an end to my fast-breaking… and we all’d established that I’m the writer and the talker among the two of us so long posts aren’t really anything for me.
But reading back, this is EXCEPTIONALLY longer.
Since I’ll be on a fast la, right?
So I hope you’d have a blast reading. And rereading.
And woman, I’ll always be there for you, just whenever you need me. And you know that.
Can’t wait for November to come.
Estoy siempre, siempre contento; cuando estoy contigo.
Muchas gracias, chica.
Mucho amor para ti.
xoxo (:

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