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Didi turned 22

I’m off staying in Sri Sayang Apartments for a little holiday! How awesome is that? Just a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. We get to go shopping down Batu Ferringhi. And with any luck me and Ron would be able to get the oldies to go with us to the Hard Rock Hotel or something. I’ve been waiting for this since well, last year. I’m so happy the time’s like, now! Hehe.
Anyways we’re in the apartment now and just resting first. So i’m online updating so that the things I have to post about don’t accumulate too much til I wouldn’t have the energy to blog about it anymore. So here goes a few updates from the past week or so.
First would be the last minute trip to KL. And by last minute I mean I literally found out in the morning, got a lil sleep, got up and packed my bags, got ready then left.
Chilling in her kolej kediaman. That sad little place and tiny little room makes me regret ever leaving sunway. I had 5star luxuries compared to that. And to think I used to complain about that.

Headed to the curve for a little shopping then went to laundry in hopes that we’d get to enjoy some good music but unfortunately out timing was so bad it just happened to be some rock band competition or something like that lah. *yawns* That’s possibly the one type of music I don’t enjoy. Shake head jump up and down all. Takda energy lah.

Boy’s bike. Sexy. But errr too bad I don’t like riding bikes la huh.

Caught a flight back coz I was too freaking tired to take the 5hour bus trip back. It’s my first time flying again after so long and it was erm, not what I expected it to be. I guess my idea of a plane is not what AirAsia is. Haha. I remember flying to Europe being on the plane for 9 hours in those huge comfortable seats. And well, AirAsia’s airbus whatever is tiny in comparison.
Got back and fetched mum or well, she was waiting for me at the gate when I got out, which was weird. Then headed back to catch up on my sleep. Got up the next day with all intentions to just stay at home and rest all day but I got a text last minute reminding me of Didi’s party. So I got up told myself to just go la. Since I hadn’t seen them in ages.

Didi, Sarah & me! Haha I still remember the times we used to go clubbing. But ssshhh!
Mamak’ing after. It’s been way too long since we’ve gone out.
So that’s about it for now. Should be updating soon. Or I guess once mummy heads back. And i’ll update with pictures too so ya’ll wouldn’t be so bored. Lots of love ♥