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In loving memory

In loving memory of what was, and what I always dreamt would be.
“I love you ______________

That’s where your name goes.

No matter how many times you hurt me.
No matter how much pain I feel, or tears I shed.

My heart is yours.
Not a little corner, or a crack or just some space in it.
It is yours.
I am yours.

When you fall short, when we fall short.
I still know we’re gonna be alright.

You’re my forever.
You’re my always.”
But today I let go.
I’ve done that bit by bit over time that today, it finally feels like there’s almost nothing left to let go of.
I let go because I realise that you’re no longer my right kind of wrong.
I let go because I realise that I don’t love you like I did yesterday anymore.
We’ll always have those 3 years.
And the memories that it’s left us with.