Monthly Archives: November 2009


Went ice skating with the boyfriend and his siblings. Sunway of course. No pictures of that because we were too busy falling on our asses. Well, they were. Met up with Eshia after god knows how long.

Was fun. We should do it again soon.


Went to Malacca over the weekend with the boyfriend, Fred and Diandra. Chicken rice balls for lunch. Satay celup for dinner. And pictures in between. Coz well, the boyfriend’s just awesome that way.

More pictures on Facebook.


Yesterday we got Phoebe.
I just want to remember.
I love you.
Even when you’re a lil tipsy and talking in your sleep.


Boyfriend’s uncle said today.

You’ve got to be perfect to preach. If you’re not, then why do it?

That line’s for you.
And I really hope you read it.
Coz well, it applies.


Her : Do you think she’s hot?
Him : Ermm..*long pause* She looks quite kampung.
Her : That’s his new girlfriend.
Him : RIGHT. *long pause* *points at Her* This is Malaysia Airlines. Thats..erm..
Her : Air Asia!! Coz Everyone Can FLY!?
Him : Air Asia too good. Maybe Jetstar… Ryanair.
Her : Oh, so Malaysia Airlines so good lah?
Him : It’s been my dream all along.

Corny or not, she was speechless.
That was in someway one of the sweetest most sincere lines she’d heard.
And she knew she wasn’t going anywhere.

She now had what she’d dreamt about all along too.