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Because some things are just meant to be sometimes.

The Other Fruit

I watched you walk off on me, stomp up the stairs, and ignore me the entire time we were in your hostel. When all I wanted to do was go see you to tell you that I’ve missed you, and that I’m glad to be in KL so I could hang out with you more often as well. And to give you the pictures I had wanted to for so long so that you didn’t feel alone there anymore. Then I watched as you ignored me some more, turned around to open the door, then walk off down the stairs and out of your hostel.
I stood.
I watched.
I kept quiet.
Hoping inside the entire time, that what I thought you’d do, wasn’t what you were going to do.
You know the many conversations we had.
And the many moments we shared.
Well apparently, it didn’t mean anything to you now, did it?
You’ve banned me from your blog, and blocked me from your facebook.
But unlike you, I’m not going to blog about this secretively, or do it in “code”.
I will be blunt and honest.
Because unlike you, again, I meant it when I said I’d be honest with you, no matter what happens.
Things have always been alright, sorta.
And the few times we weren’t okay, was when you decided you needed the space or the time.
It was never me who walked away.
Not when you bitched about your ex constantly.
Not when you made out with the many guys you did.
Not when you PMSed and suddenly freaked out on me.
And now, to find out that you’re doing the things you are.
I do not understand why you’d choose to act so childish.
“Not me handling my blog now. Fasting”
I know I’d probably look back on this someday and wish I didn’t say what I’m about to say, but screw it.
Even God knows what a liar you’ve been in that sense.
I’ve never been religious, nor have I tried to be. But at least I’m aware of it.
You’re a disgrace to everyone out there who you share a religion with.
What the hell is the point of putting up such a religious front when you’ve acted the way you have.
I hate myself for feeling this way. But I’ve always been honest bout everything with you, and I’m not going to stop now. So, it’s up to you if you wanna back off forever. Do what you want to. It’s your life. I’ve never tried to control it. I love you for whatever you’ve been, and whatever you would have chosen to become. If only I could say it was a vice-versa thing.
Thanks for being so matured about the whole situation.
p/s: I’ve chosen not to block you from my blog. Or block you off facebook. Coz woman, I wasn’t lying when I said our friendship meant more to me than all the petty little things in the world put together.