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silent nights

Maybe surrounded by, a million people I still feel all alone..

I just wanna go home, oh I miss you, you know…
I’d be bringing you both back home by today if everything had gone well.
I’d have the room painted purple. A lil pink here, a lil blue there.
It’d look amazing, coz I know how much effort I would have put into it.
It’d be even more so coz I’d have the both of you there.
Exactly where I would have imagined.
But the day’s come and it’ll pass. Just like every other day.
The both of you aren’t here.
Let me go home….I’m just too far….from where you are…
I wanna come home…

Pre Christmas Boredom

Sorry there hasn’t been that many updates. Or meaningful ones at least.
Life’s been pretty dull.

Okay, so maybe life hasn’t been THAT boring after all.
I wish I could put pictures up of you. But I know I can’t yet. I’ll just keep on being patient =)