I’ve been working on this post for so long, it’s not even funny.
I could go on and on about what should have been done differently, or things that shouldn’t have been said. And I did. Type out long essays then read through them and erase everything then do the same exact thing again. But after all the things I’ve typed out (and erased) I realise that it is actually quite simple.
Best friends. Soulmates. Fight. When you love someone so much, it is hard to see them spiral downwards and not do anything about it. You try to fix it. You try to accept it. But in the end, when two people are so different, fights are bound to break out. And that’s exactly what happened with us. We fought. And we walked away from each other for a while.
I am not writing this to apologize for the things that I said in my previous posts, because well. I didn’t just write em for fun. A lot of what I said was true. And was really how I felt. Many of those things would have hurt you. I’m aware of that. But a lot of what you said hurt me too. The way you reacted hurt me. But friendship’s about accepting the other person, just the way he/she is. And forgiving them for the crap they do sometimes.
I do not need to forgive you, because I do not hold it against you in the first place. Shit happened. Shit always happens. And it’s not gonna stop now just because we’ve worked our way over this hurdle. It will happen time and time again in our lives together.
But woman, soulmate, fruit. Here’s something that you should already know well enough by now.
I love you. No matter how much we fight, or how much we annoy each other. You know I know I love you. You know how much you mean to me. Life would suck so much more without you in it. And so yeah, we disagree on almost everything and it’s amazing really how well we connect considering how different we are. But that’s the pineapple-mango soulmate’ship, isn’t it? No one else would ever understand how it works.
This is my public not-much-of-an-apology-but-still.
Because I love you. And I’m sorry for not being there the past couple of months.
We owe each other a great big hug when you get back.
♥ Mango.

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