Everytime ; a Peach story

You asked , and I accepted Mango,
Don’t do this very often, but as how I first messaged you,
No harm done right ? =)
She takes my breath away.
Every time she says uh-huh,
Every time she does her little giggle of a laugh,
Every time she gives me smiles,
Every time she does her bobble head move,
Every time she says ‘hey’ on the phone,
Every time she looks at me and stares with that cheeky little grin of hers,
Every time she randomly squeezes me,
Every time she sings that favourite song of hers , with that single line that makes me go =)
Every time she tells me that she loves me, I think to myself ; what in the world did I do to get someone so caring, kind, sincere, gorgeous, intelligent, loyal and put simply just AWESOME?
I guess it’s just the simple fact that you are who you are, and that I’m lucky you decided to take a chance and click the Add Friend icon on facebook, right Mango?
Taking the view from my eyes, things look great and hopeful.
Why should I worry?
I have Mango, and she has me.
I love you,

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