Daily Archives: 110110


Insomnia’s hit again. I haven’t been able to sleep all night.
How’s it possible to be so incredibly happy, yet weirdly miserable at the same time?
My eyes feel poofy and swollen. My head’s spinning and my ankle’s in pain. Totally unrelated to the sleep deprivation lah. But I tripped and fell yesterday and I don’t have anyone here to nurse my leg back to good health. Knowing that makes me feel even more blah -_-”
I feel like staying in bed all day with an ice pack on my ankle, a warm towel on my face and a hot guy massaging me. The boyfriend would do actually. I totally wouldn’t mind that!
This weekend flew by really fast.
It always is that way when I’m having fun.
I wish everyday was a Saturday and Sunday would never come.
Coz that’s when you always leave.