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Our culture?

I really don’t get it.
The Malaysian government has chosen to keep abortions illegal.
Yet the Malaysian culture does not support mothers who choose to keep children born out of wedlock.
How does this make sense in any way?
I personally know a few people who would have not opted for abortion, had it not been because of the fact that they would have been shunned/disowned by their own family members.
Now I get how Asians are proud of the fact that we hold culture and religion close to heart.
But in what religion does it say that it is okay to kill?
And what culture are we cultivating if we do not learn to accept that abortion is not the only solution?
I’ve had way too much time to myself the past couple of weeks.
And i’m really wishing that I had thought about this when I should have last time.


As everyone has probably noticed, I have recently made some changes to the blog. Put some new widgets here and there. I’ve also made the fonts way bigger. Coz I realize that it annoys me when I blog hop and come across bloggers who use smaller than average fonts. I’m going blind from spending too much time with the laptop. So maybe the huge fonts are more for myself than anyone else. But ya’ll benefit from em also lah. No need to squint and stuff. You’re welcome =)
p/s : I’ve also gotten really tired of trying to come up with post titles every single damn time. So i’m using numbers now (unless there’s an actual title I really wanna use). This is my 398th post so far. It makes it so much less of a hassle.