I have a habit. I blog a little too openly. I think it’s coz I don’t have a way of protecting a post on blogspot. And I’ve been too lazy to move to wordpress or something. I do however, as of now, have a private blog. It’s brand spanking new. And there’s nothing much worth looking at there yet. But I’m posting this, so that you can leave me your email here and I can add it to the approved list once the new blog is really running. It’s my facebook link. You’ll have to send me a message. If you cant message me coz you don’t have a facebook acc, well, too bad. Get one. I don’t how on earth you’d be that outdated anyways to not have a facebook acc by now.
I don’t have anyone’s email. At all. Coz I don’t really bother with msn or emailing in general. So this applies to those of you who I’m really close to as well. You know who you are.

paint my page

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