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OMFG. So I was reading this help forum/post trying to figure out how to uninstall-install or change whatever settings I had to so my skype would work. I’ve been signing in the past few days and not been able to see my online contacts as online. And have been using imo.im whenever I had to. And then I came across this.
“If you have SET your online status to OFFLINE, that is exactly what will happen. If this is the case you can sign in and out till the cows come home, but your status will remain OFFLINE.”
Then I was like, hahaha! What idiot would do that? After reading a few more posts I went back to skype to sign out so I could restart it. And that’s when I realized, oh wow. I’m that idiot!!
My status has been set to offline the entire time. And I didn’t even bother to check it. I changed it to Appear Online and walla!! I could see my online contacts, they could see me, and all is back to normal now.
Gawd. Never gonna make THAT mistake again -_-“