So much Strength

You know what I was thinking? It takes so much more strength to not believe in God, than to believe in him. Really. I was jumping through blogs and came across a couple of religious posts (yes, a person like me has religious friends) and it felt like all they were talking about was the strength they had from believing that God’s there to “watch over you and lead you towards the right path”.
Who do us non-believers have to count on at the end of the day? Ourselves. And isn’t it harder to face reality that way? Something goes wrong in life, I don’t turn around and say “God is with me, everything will sort itself out”. Faced with an obstacle and I don’t go “Nothing could oppose me because my God is with me”. And I’ve never prayed for God to “Keep me together and keep my sanity”. And yet, I’ve managed to stay sane. Well, for the most part.
Why is it that people still feel the need to tell me to go to church and pray to God? That once I surrender myself to him, I wouldn’t feel so lost anymore. I think I’ve done pretty darn well considering the things that I’ve had to deal with over the past few years. I have not blamed anything on God, so why should I turn to him to plead for a break? Really. What’s the logic in that? Whether or not I believe in God, life will go on, and things will continue to happen. Will it not? You have your source of strength. I have mine.
I’ve had it with the many “You should change your ways and repent” talks. The “I love you (but not really) and that’s why I’m saying this to you” put downs. Have you stopped to consider that maybe sometimes I think you’re the one that’s weird. I just don’t believe that weird is bad. If I’m fine with you just the way you are, why don’t I get the same kind of acceptance in return? And if you know it’s that way, how could you think that being judgmental makes you so much better of a person than I am?
Honestly I don’t mean to offend all the religious people out there. you may not be in reference to anyone. Or, it might actually mean YOU. And in that case, YOU may take offence, then proceed on to walking out of my life. Don’t really want you around anymore anyways.
You have your way. I have my way.
As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.
– Friedrich Nietzsche.

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