Today I Learnt

I don’t know why I bother believing in the bullshit guys say. That whole, “I’m not like all those other guys out there. I wouldn’t do that to a girl” crap, is just that. CRAP. Makes me appreciate being single a whole lot more. I’ve almost forgotten how much heartache comes with dating.
Today, I also learnt that it sucks more when the guy isn’t a random person hurting me, but a close friend hurting someone I love. I don’t know how to begin to react to this. Am I supposed to pretend to be fine with everything? Coz really, I’m not. I know how bad I’ve hurt in the situation. You know how bad I’ve hurt. How could you say that you wanna hurt guys that have done that to me, then end up doing something stupid like that to someone else yourself?
If you weren’t someone I’ve known so well for so long, now would be when I’d say I hate you. Seriously.

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