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One Malaysia What?

I think this One Malaysia thing is bullshit. Really.
Was watching TV and some commercials just make me roll my eyes.
Do they really think colour doesn’t matter? Race? Culture? Religion? Coz if that’s what the government is trying to do, why do we have to fill up all that information when sitting for exams? Why’s there a quota system when it comes to almost everything?
I remember being told back in my school days that I’m lucky coz on paper I’m Indian. Coz if I was Chinese I’d have to compete harder to get into Universities. More smarter people meaning less places. Some of my chinese relatives even refer to me and my brother as kelenga kia. (meaning “indian kids” in a chinese dialect). Not directly to our faces, but relatives gossip and word gets around.
Don’t take this the wrong way. I don’t have much problems with racism. I’m racist myself too sometimes. I don’t think it’s nasty coz I’m racist towards some of my own kind as well. I just hate the fakeness of all these advertisements/slogans/campaigns. We’re not a country of people who love each other and just get along. We might be trying to get there, but we’re far from being “One Malaysia”. So why not save the advertising for then?
I also hate the Bumiputra term. Was I not born here? Am I not native?
If they’re trying to make us all feel like this is our country, then they should fucking do it right.
Stupid irritating commercials.