Because she asked to be blogged about. And I happen to have the time.
Also coz I love her lots.
Tried to find a sweet looking sane picture, but couldn’t really. Guess it’s coz she’s pretty insane most of the time. There’s never a quiet moment around her. Well actually, sometimes it goes quiet, but she’s always the one that will burst out saying something silly, and then everyone laughs. One of the many things that make her so unique.
She’s like the best friend/sister that was always missing. Sucks again that I’m stuck in Penang and so many people that matter to me seem so far away. But I visit. And we hang out. And I crash at her place, whenever it’s not overrun by relatives. Hehe.
Don’t know if we’ve actually totally just hung out. And we’ve never really had time to go on an awesome long holiday. Yet still I have so many random memories of you. Probably best not to go to the “how we met” story. But it sure is great that we did!!

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