i love you

Last night I cried. It felt good though. I guess I needed to let go after holding tears back for so long. I normally hate crying coz I feel so crappy after. Blocked nose, poofy eyes and all. But the boyfriend told me how pretty I look after I teared up in the car. I’m convinced he must be blinded by love.
It was the type of cry where you know you’re actually so happy that it kinda freaks you out coz you also know you might have that happiness taken away from you some day. It’s scary to think about the possibilities of losing someone so special.
It really only hit me as I started typing this post that I’ve spent the past few years slowly falling in love without realizing it. And now that I’ve gotten a taste of what it feels like being in this relationship, I cannot begin to tell you how much I want it to last.
I really don’t know what jinxes a relationship anymore. Does blogging about it make a difference? In this day and age, you really have no guarantee that you’ll be together forever. I’m just going to believe in my boyfriend this time and not care bout what other people tell me I should or should not do.
Dinesh, I love you coz you make me look forward to each day. Whether you realize it or not, you’re the reason I wake up and fall asleep smiling now. Probably why I look so at peace in between too. You’re in every way possible, my absolute dream come true.
I’ve worried for a while that I’d never truly love someone again. I guess I can stop worrying now.

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