Daily Archives: 070910

Strangers in Penang

Picture post. Coz as usual, I’m never really in the mood to write much after being away.
Fran headed up to Penang.

Went to SS with Janice, and the Bennys.

Got Esther the next day.

Headed to Voodoo.

Then to SS.

Then back to Voodoo.

Woke up to this =)

Got an awesome back massage.

Slept then got ready to head out for Merdeka eve.

The boyfriend came up for a visit.

Followed em back to KL.

The boyfriend

Went to Kim’s place.

Got scribbled on.

Got scribbled on some more.

And more.

Chilled then followed Sofy back. And here I am now.

And yes, that’s the boyfriend