you never existed

One of my friend’s said this in a post. I can’t be sure if she meant it the same way it’d apply here, but I don’t think I could phrase it any better.
I might delete you from here and there but I cannot pretend that you never existed. It’s alright though, because it’s the past that made me who I am today. I don’t want to look forward and forget where I came from“.
Sometimes I still think of you. But sometimes it doesn’t even feel like you were ever a part of my past. I don’t really know how to describe it. Being in KL the past few months has brought back so many random memories. But memories are a weird thing. In some ways I remember what I felt, what I thought, yet thinking of being there so long ago with you feels so unreal.
Sometimes I wish we were still friends so it stops feeling like that’s all that is left of you. Just a memory.
If it weren’t for the thousands of pictures that I have in the hundreds of folders on my laptop, I wonder what I’d actually remember about my life.

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