Can you forget how to be in a relationship?

Someone I dated once told me that he’s been single for so long that he forgot how to be in a relationship. And that’s what I was wondering. Can you forget how to be in a relationship?

You know how when you’re single, the dynamics are so different than when you’re in a relationship? You’re still the same person, yes, just different.

I think I’m the kind of person who feels more at home in a relationship. I like to share everything. Emotions, experiences, things. (even though I know that a majority of guys don’t enjoy talking about emotions). I think for two people without much effort, my decisions are usually made bearing in mind my boyfriend’s plans or lifestyle. I guess I just like feeling like I’m part of a team. And it comes pretty easily to me once I find someone that I care enough about.

But for some single people, they put up a wall around them. This is normal, if you have no one that cares for you as much as they care for themselves, then you really need to look out for yourself right? But after being single for such a long time, these habits stick. And their wall has gotten so high that it’s impossible for anyone to get over it and be a part of their lives.
I think that people like that tend to lean towards being self centered, selfish and even appear inconsiderate at time. I’ve dated a few. And those are some of the traits which make the relationship impossible in the long run.

Does it make sense? That some people can forget how to be in a relationship altogether? Do those kind of people even know how to let their walls down? And if you’re dating someone who claims to be in that place, is it worth holding on to?

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