my love

Here’s my thank you note to you. Coz I know that we’ll continue to have ups and downs and sometimes we get caught up in just living our lives that I forget (and have forgotten) to stop and let you know how much I appreciate everything about you. So here goes.
Thank you for being there for me that life changing first week of our friendship and taking care of me when no one else seemed to understand how messed up I was about things. Thank you for volunteering to pick me up and send me off so many late nights. Thank you for hanging out with me, keeping me entertained with stories and sharing parts of your life with me. Thank you for wanting to be a part of my life and caring about what I was going through in return.
Thank you for letting me share my happy moments with you and lending support when I had rough patches. Thank you for putting up with my craziness, my long talks, my emotional breakdowns. Thank you for forgiving me for the mistakes I’ve made, for being patient with me and then giving me amazing hugs and kisses to make me feel better.
Thank you for being right by my side and holding my hand through life, Thank you for loving me, and falling in love with me. For taking a chance on me, no matter how scary it seemed, or unsure you were then.
I don’t want to write this just because we’re in relationship right now and I love you as a girlfriend. I want to thank you as a friend, for the 3 years of friendship you’ve given me, and for the many years to come. I don’t know what the future holds for us, no one does. But nothing will change the fact that you always have, and will forever be an important part of my life.
I love you Dinesh. More than words will ever allow me to express.
your baby girl :)

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