people who made my year!

It’s less than 10 days away from 2011. Once again it feels like so much happened over the past year. And once again it feels like time’s just gone by so fast and the year’s coming to an end way too soon. Why is it that it always seems that way, no matter how many important events took place? Travelling, partying, making mistakes, finding love, losing friends, meeting new friends. Sometimes I wish life would just stay still for a little while and let me catch up to it. Might as well wish for unicorns and Santa to be real as well, cause we all know the chances of any of those things happening are about the same.
……..Anyhoo. Before the year ends, or I get too busy with Christmas and New Year celebrations, I wanna thank a few people who have made 2010 a year worth appreciating.
Jonana. Won. Essie. Janice. Thank you for hanging out with me the times that you guys did. Thank you for being there for me, even though we haven’t been close all our lives. Thank you for making me feel like you guys would be there if I ever needed to reach out to someone and didn’t know who.
Spartans. You guys know who you are. Thank you for making a plain ol’ facebook game so much more fun. For being entertaining and crazy. For spending so much time on the forum and group page. I know it may seem weird to some people who are reading this. But I don’t think anyone actually realised how important the group was to me for those few months. Oh well, those of you who made fun of me for playing Castle Age can go back to making fun of me now. =) I really don’t mind.
Fran, Shannya and the whole jing bang. Thank you for caring about me, and making trips to Penang despite knowing me for well, a week, back then. Thanks for the amazing birthday celebration. For the many unforgettable “occasions”. For not making me feel like an outsider when it really mattered. And for just being the awesomest new friends I’ve made this year.
Natalia/Biatch/Weggie. Thank you for talking to me for hours, for sharing things with me, listening to me, putting up with my issues, being there for me, loving me, not judging me. But most of all, thank you for giving me one of the most stable friendships I’ve had over the last few years. Heck, probably in my life. You’re still my number one girlfriend, even if other people don’t like us being friends as much as we like it ourselves.
Ronny. Even though you’re probably the last person on this list to actually read my blog. NO thank you for getting into an accident and scaring the living bejesus out of me, and for making me wait by the side of your hospital bed for hours and hours just waiting for the few minutes that you woke up, just so I could hold your drink up for you or wipe your nose or turn the fan to you when you were warm then walk back again to turn it away when you got cold. But thank you, thank the doctors, thank god or whoever else was responsible for you not dying. Thanks for still being alive so that I can still have that sometimes pain in the ass brother I’ve had all my life, today.
Mummy. Thank you for being there for me all of my life. Out of sight, but never out of mind. Thank you for continuously caring about me and never giving up on me or my dreams. Thank you for allowing me to make all the mistakes I’ve made in my life and still loving me. Thank you for visiting and staying up all those nights to talk to me about life and everything else. Thank you for the random facebook messages to let me know that you miss me and love me. Thank you for sending me a text to wish me happy birthday (and for forgetting to let me know that you actually forgot the actual date AND month that you gave birth to your own daughter) ;p
To all those other people whom I’ve spent time with or met in 2010, thank you as well. It’s been a pretty memorable year. And I’m sure it would not have been as great as it was without each and every one of you =)

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