First post of 2011. Yay!!
I know it’s a late start to the year, almost everyone I know has already had a 2011 post, but I didn’t want to just simply post something just for the sake of it. I only get one first every year. Speaking of that…
First meal of 2011 – An assortment of meats, pasta, potato salad, nachos with awesome dip (although I can’t be sure if the awesomeness was an after-effect of the first j of the year)
First movie of 2011 – Rapunzel, in Tropicana Mall. Tickets that Dinesh lost, or well, didn’t decide to hold on to. I’m sentimental that way. I like keeping nonsense like movie tickets, restaurant receipts, hotel cards. I don’t know why.
First kiss of 2011 – Dinesh as the clock struck 12 on new year’s day. I know, so corny!!

First holiday of 2011
– Well, I guess KL for the celebration counts right? Not that being in KL is ever a real holiday. So I guess i’m gonna cut that one out and wait for a real first holiday of the year.
There have been a few other memorable moments. Some pointless to list here, others a little too personal. 2011 has started out great. And seems like it could be a very life-changing, important year. But…I guess I won’t know for sure what the coming year would bring til it’s 2012.
So here’s to 2011 and what comes along with it. Be it good/bad/happy/sad, at least I’m living. And enjoying life quite a bit more now. Are you looking forward to the year? I know I am.

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