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calling all Twittorians

Just when I thought a person couldn’t get any crappier.
For those of you who haven’t heard of Kenneth Tong, please read!!

Anorexia itself is defined (on Wiki) as an eating disorder characterized by refusal to maintain a healthy body weight. Stupid fella isn’t promoting a healthy body image. Or even anything related to health. Just “managed anorexia” and being skinny.
Does he realize that impressionable kids are all over twitter? He’s not just saying that’s what he feels, there are a ton of people saying all kinds of stupid things on twitter. He’s telling people that it’s wrong to be fat and that they should KNOW to be skinny is to be perfect. Geez! It’s not like he’s skinny himself!

I would personally like to throw him at a pack of wolves (or in this case a group of angry people who have lost people they love to anorexia / really fat men who could probably sit on him resulting in suffocation).
But for everyone else who wants to take the safe, legal route, sign the twitition (twitter petition lol) to get him off twitter here >> http://twitition.com/wq6ke
I may want to lose weight every now and then, but I’m still VERY proud of my curves!
p/s : Fun fact! Did you know that the twitition with the 2nd highest amount of signatures is to thank Justin Bieber? -_-” That’s someone else I want suffocated as well!

circle of Bitches

Growing up as a girl, I have come to discover that there is no such thing as a friendship without bumps. Many times before, I’ve shared stories with guy friends, who have said things like “Ya’ll are such bitches”, “Why you such a drama queen”, “I don’t know what to say coz it’s never happened to me before”, “Guys don’t fight over things like that” and the most popular response “Girls! (commonly followed by rolling of eyes and/or a really lousy attempt at mimicking said bitches”.
I used to wonder, was there something just flat out wrong with me? Or are guys just being guys by saying that, the same way they say all female drivers are bad.
Then I grew up and realised that there’s a whole lot of truth to what’s been said, however much we may want to deny it. While I wouldn’t agree that all female drivers are bad (maybe just the majority), I do believe now that girls in general are way more catty than guys.
I have had many misunderstandings with many friends over time. And 9 out of 10 times, they were girls. Including the most gathered, supposedly matured ones. Is it because we’re just born that way? Or do friends make the difference? Goes back to the ongoing “nature versus nurture” debate.
Anyways, I wanted to write this post because I was going through random old messages and comments, and I came across one that said “you’re so lame. get a life. stop hanging out with my friends”. And reading that made me think. What the hell is that supposed to mean?
I get the you’re so lame part. Sometimes I am nothing but that. And telling me to get a life, even though technically I am alive and therefore I have a life, my life, I still understand the concept of that line. It must have come out of concern that my life was not entertaining enough, and I should find exciting things to do.
What puzzled me was “stop hanging out with my friends”. And after thinking about it for a bit, frankly it pissed me off. Lets put this in a situation everyone should understand.
I hang out with FriendA. FriendA brings GroupOfStrangers along. FriendA is a somewhat close friend, therefore hanging out is a common recurrence that leads to a large amount of time being spent with GroupOfStrangers as well, turning GroupOfStrangers into GroupOfFriends. FriendA and I have a fallout and stop hanging out anymore. Does GroupOfFriends (who I have ended up spending time with and getting to know) then go back to being GroupOfStrangers?
I DON’T THINK SO! And in that case, where do you get off thinking that you have the right to tell me to stop hanging out with your friends? Even if it started as a group of strangers, after spending time together and getting along, haven’t they become my friends as well?
I wouldn’t have been so pissed of then or now for that matter, if what she said had stopped there. But FriendA went on to bitch about it to every Tom, Dick and Harry. Ruining my mood for a good two weeks.
So I shall say this now (in full agreeance), as my male counterparts have so eloquently put it,
We say the stupidest things sometimes don’t we?