calling all Twittorians

Just when I thought a person couldn’t get any crappier.
For those of you who haven’t heard of Kenneth Tong, please read!!

Anorexia itself is defined (on Wiki) as an eating disorder characterized by refusal to maintain a healthy body weight. Stupid fella isn’t promoting a healthy body image. Or even anything related to health. Just “managed anorexia” and being skinny.
Does he realize that impressionable kids are all over twitter? He’s not just saying that’s what he feels, there are a ton of people saying all kinds of stupid things on twitter. He’s telling people that it’s wrong to be fat and that they should KNOW to be skinny is to be perfect. Geez! It’s not like he’s skinny himself!

I would personally like to throw him at a pack of wolves (or in this case a group of angry people who have lost people they love to anorexia / really fat men who could probably sit on him resulting in suffocation).
But for everyone else who wants to take the safe, legal route, sign the twitition (twitter petition lol) to get him off twitter here >>
I may want to lose weight every now and then, but I’m still VERY proud of my curves!
p/s : Fun fact! Did you know that the twitition with the 2nd highest amount of signatures is to thank Justin Bieber? -_-” That’s someone else I want suffocated as well!

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