a Fake profile?

Thanks to everyone’s efforts…
First of all, friends on my FB, go to http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001888280760 .
Then click on Report/Block this person. Select fake profile. And submit.
Coz that is exactly what’s going on. Someone has created a fake profile for me.

And is clearly trying to make me look really bad.

I am upset that someone on my private profile has been so untrustworthy to allow this person to access my photos. I am upset that someone I’ve personally known in life has the cruelty to want to make that profile. And then add my parents, my brother and my cousins to it.
But mostly I am sad. I am sad for the person who created that profile. For them to have nothing more important to do with their time than to go through 2500 photos of me, just to look for “incriminating” ones. And who spends new year’s day uploading photos to a fake profile? Kind of depressing.
What I am not though, is scared. I am not scared that anyone gets to see those pictures. I have been as honest as I could have been with the “happenings” in my life. Blog readers would have come across many posts in the past about the boyfriends I have had. Pictures, feelings, everything. And the people in my life know about the choices I have made. They love me for who I am, regardless of the stupidity of certain things I have done and may do. I’m not afraid of what could be posted there, because it is flat out, not me posting. I do a good enough job posting ridiculous things on my own, in my real facebook and here.
The following paragraph is for you, the person behind my fake facebook, whoever you are.
I am sorry I ever did anything to you to drive you to such levels of insanity. I am sorry life made you that crazy. I want you to know that I am here, and once you come clean, I am going to be willing to listen to what you have to say, to talk out our issues together, and to try and find a solution for them. However content you are with what you’re doing right now, you know it’s just not right. And you need help.
On a more positive note, as most bloggers would agree with me, a hater is still a reader, right?
And you’ve gotta be a pretty important person to actually have haters out there.
Fame! Here I come!

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