project I : 15012011

Ghandi said, “be the change you want to see in the world”
And that’s exactly what I’m gonna try to do, with SMILE.
SMILE (Start Making it Lovable for Everyone) is a newly formed organization that aims to raise awareness for various causes through fun and unique methods that allow the participants to enjoy themselves. You can read more about it by clicking HERE.
Yesterday, SMILE teamed up with 1MMR100SMT to celebrate their 3rd mensiversary since the founding of their page. Today with over 280,000 members, they are proudly a non-partisan political community of ordinary Malaysians demanding public accountability and better value for tax money.
Here are some of the pictures.

Then there was a “Cake Party” after. I think the cake eating is supposed to symbolize how upset we are with the issue at hand. Like how an emotional girl would seat down and stuff herself with cake, or have a tub of ice-cream.

I’m starting to make a difference. Or at least I’m trying.
What have you been up to in 2011?

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