D1FX 2011 Drift Party

Went for the D1FX Drift Party. Failure of epic proportions if you ask me.
Being a girl, I will never be able to understand how fascinated guys are by cars. But it’s not like I don’t have any interest in them whatsoever. I know how to appreciate a really sleek looking car go by me as I’m driving (or in most cases, sitting in the passenger seat). And which girl would be able to resist staring at a guy getting out of a really hot car? In fact, I personally know a few girls who have dated guys just because of the cars they’re driving.
So yeah, cars or not, I figured how bad could it be? I’d follow my boyfriend, go for an event, stare at cars a little, be entertained, get tipsy then leave, right?
They had performances, I think this is Floor Fever. Not sure if that’s their permanent crew’s name, but I saw them on Showdown 2010, and I’m almost certain that’s what they were called then. It kinda looked like they knew what they were doing, but they couldn’t be bothered to do it well enough (maybe they weren’t getting paid much)
They almost made me pay to go in. Gave us only one free drink each. And then before getting our drinks, we had to look for a table, by ourselves (if there was even a reserved table in the first place). I never expect to have someone doing anything for me, but my boyfriend, being media and all. Shouldn’t he get that kind of treatment, for himself and his “guest”? Lol.
As you all would know, I’ve had more experience in the past, being on the organizers side of the event. Running around, making sure everything’s okay. I didn’t use to go for events, sit down, and have my butt served. But my boyfriend lives comfortably on the media side. And yes, most journalists/media people expect organizers to bow down to their every request. I’m not even joking.
So I’d like to blame him for this “supposed to be treated like royalty” mentality I have now. I’m applying it to any and all events I follow him for in the future.
I’m sorry, but when it seems like an organizer spent more on hiring girls to stand around and look pretty, than on the event planning crew itself, I’m not going to have anything good to say. Disappointing really.
And at the end of the night, I didn’t even get any information on the actual FX Open drift race thing. Really. I still have no idea what the hell it is.

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