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“Dude, he called you indian”, “OH HELL NO, HOLD MY CURRY!”
HAHAHAHAHAHA! Got my boyfriend laughing so hard, he started coughing, and then got the hiccups. And I’ve spent a whole hour on the site, laughing at rubbish like that. Not kidding!
So here are my favourite 10 lines. Just for fun.
“Dude she just called you Irish”, “AARRAA for fucks sake hold my drink, and my other, and my other..”
“Dude, she just called you English”, “OH FOR HEAVENS SAKE, hold my spot of tea, my hounds, my fish and chips and the Queen”
“Dude,he just called you gay”, “OH HELL NO bend him over .”
“Dude, he just called you asian!” “OH HELL NO! Hold my eyes open!”
“Dude he called you Arab” “أوه هل لا. عقد هنا قنبلة لي أمري.”
“Dude, she called you Chinese…” “OH HELL NO – hold my DVD’s…”
“Dude, she just called you Justin Bieber!” “OH HELL NO! Hold my small dick”
“Dude, he just called you poor”, “OH HELL NO, Hold my……*Awkward silence*
“Dude, she just called you deaf!” “……” “DUDE, SHE JUST CALLED YOU DEAF!”
“Dude, she just called you a facebook addict.” “WHAT!? I didn’t get the notification!”
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