KLpac open day

Been staring at the screen blankly for a few minutes now. Sometimes even the most awesome people get writer’s block, no? But I refuse to leave my blog abandoned for longer than 3 days now, and I won’t be updating tomorrow because I’m heading to KL in a couple of hours specifically to go for the KLpac open day on Sunday with a few friends.
Didn’t find out til thursday. I wouldn’t normally make a last minute trip to KL, but those of you who know me, know how much I love performing arts. Dance, theatre, music and all that nonsense. LOL. If you haven’t, here‘s the most recent post of my drama related memories.
Haven’t done anything I’d consider much of a performing arts related accomplishment in the past 2 years because there isn’t much I can do while I’m in Penang. And everytime an opportunity for an audition comes up in KLpac, I’m always not ready to commit to a few months of being permanently in KL. Sometimes I choose not to go for an audition because if I do get it, one of two things would happen. I’ll hate myself for deciding to stay in Penang and not be a part of something so special. Or I hate myself for just moving to KL for it, without thinking about it carefully first. So tell me, what would you do?
And okay, I lie. I actually make last minute trips down to KL all the time for no reason at all.
Anyways, here’s the schedule for KLpac’s open day. Seems like a lot to take in. But when you’re like me, you kinda know exactly what you’d like to go for. Highlighted the workshops/performances I’ll be planning on heading to. Click to enlarge.
If anyone else is heading there too, and decides to go for the same things as I am, holla when you see me aite! :p
Will be sleeping on my journey there. Coz I haven’t slept all night, as usual, and I’m leaving the house in 4 hours. I don’t know how I do it either sometimes.
For more information on the location/date/time/activities, click on their FB event page here. Will put up photos from the day once I get back.

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