the "Running Man"

So here I am, back from what seemed like a long weekend holiday. Will post up other pictures later on, but first. KLpac’s Open Day.

Didn’t manage to get there bright and early at 10am. None of us got up on time. We need to start learning to set our alarms. Lol. But we still managed to see quite a lot of performances.

KLpac’s Got Talent. We went in just on time to see the Drumline performance. My boyfriend looked at me the second they came out, pinched me and went “What colour? What colour? What colour?” For those of you who don’t know, it’s sort of a thing you do when you see a Punjabi guy walk by. And to answer, you say the colour of the turban they’re wearing. In this case, it was White. It’s not racist. It’s just erm, culture! Yeah.

Hip Hop dance class by Caprice Fong. Violin recital at the foyer and Standup Comedy in the lobby. Quite an interesting artsy-fartsy day. Good crowd turnout as well. I guess it’s cause everyone had something to go do/watch.

Best part of the day, without a doubt. Drumclix, Afro Sahara & Drum Simfoni out on the boardwalk/deck.
Dude in the green top was entertaining as hell. Didn’t know he wasn’t part of the performance at first. I’d have never figured someone like that was just another spectator. If you were there, you’d understand why.
Here is a video of their KLpac performance I found on Youtube. Was trying to google to find out more about those groups. I’m so tempted to head out and buy myself a bongo or something and join a group. How fun would that be? Just sitting around playing beats. Why not, right? Anyone wanna join me?
OMGosh. I totally found the dude in the green top that I mentioned on Facebook!!

2 thoughts on “the "Running Man"

  1. Faiz says:

    okay, i know that dude in the hot pants. haha ayam.

  2. Faiz says:

    i mean the guy in the green tshirt. x)

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