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Whores Next Door

**Ugh. Edit. Because some people may think this is coming out of jealousy. And then may want to start a bitchfight on it. And really, I don’t wanna bother.
I want to state here FIRST, before you read on. I am not conservative nor am I a saint. And I do have a desire to be known someday. I just do not wish to put the two together and get famous for such degrading reasons. Thank you very much :)
Also, chill a little, won’tcha? Why take my post so seriously? It’s only MY opinion on things. Below is the original post I put up. Now go ahead and read! :D**

FHM Malaysia’s Girl Next Door contestants. Or more appropriately, Whores Next Door.
Popularity has it’s perks. Not having to put in as much effort into things you do once you’re famous just because we live in a world in which people are fascinated by celebrities. And I shall not deny the fact that even I would love to achieve stardom someday. I’ve never wanted to be a nobody.
But I would never want my claim to fame to come from nationally whoring myself out.
3 out of the 12 Whore Next Door contestants. Photos taken for FHM Malaysia spread.
And these girls are happy about their pictures being posted up on FHM’s wall, where horny man, probably in the middle of wanking, leave comments like “Girl Next Door that I’d really love to skodeng“, “My lil bro went uppp high” and “I dream of (insert name)..and she’s not wearing a dress”. And then these girls thank the people for their wonderful comments -_____-” Have they no respect for themselves?

Right picture, enhanced, photoshopped and airbrushed to perfection. If you can’t tell, stare at her right boob (does it not look weird to you?) That’s not the way it looks in real life. If you don’t believe me, go look for more of her photos. I do not want my post to be about tits. Not this one anyways.
Left picture’s more natural, but ugly as fuck for a model-wannabe. And strangely, that’s your winner.
Now, there’s been some debate on why the heck she won in the first place. But really, none of it makes a difference. Some say she’s ugly and shouldn’t win (admitting flat out that the contest is about just looking good), and then other people retort by saying that it’s about who the person is, not how they look.
Also bloody rubbish! Because if FHM GND’s contest wasn’t about looks and the fantasies these girls give you, they wouldn’t get asked things like “which vegetable satisfies you the most”. Yes, an actual question posed to the GND girls of 2009 by Red FM’s DJ Han. If it was really about personality, we would see ordinary not so good looking girls, not rubbing their boobs in your face in the FHM spread. Oh wait. The first part’s already happened.
What does standing in bikinis have to do with excellent personality? And as for the role-model side of the girls that join this contest. FHM Malaysia GND contest is sponsored by Carlsberg. Coz life’s pointless if you haven’t got a beer in your hand, right?
My point of this post is not to criticize the girls for looking bad. That was just for fun. Looks have never stopped me from loving my friends or making new ones. My point here is that I don’t see why the hell girls are subjecting themselves to that kind of treatment? Go join Miss Malaysia where at least you’re treated with some respect.
Getting asked what kind of vegetable makes for the best dildo! wtfuck people?!
p/s : My apologies to probably that ONE contestant who has never slept with anyone to get to where she is now and didn’t know what was headed her way when she joined :)


After almost 10 hours of sitting in front of my laptop, minus the breaks I had to pee, I have finally finished renovation on my blog !!! Yay !!! Those of you who have been here before would know it used to look like this.

I know, I know. Such a pretty sight. But what to do? I did all that work on the super old Blogger template thing. And it was getting more and more troublesome to add widgets and functions. So yes, had to upgrade. So long, old blog.
As you can see, the new layout has a different header and background. I think that’s what took up most of my time. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to certain things. Curse that fact! Added in pages, so the main page doesn’t look as cluttered as it used to. Does it? And social networking buttons. Which you all could and SHOULD click on =D
Link Within widget. Which is still being a little wonky. Keeps showing the same posts. I’m not sure why, but I’m in the process of figuring that one out. And COMMENTS! Can I get a hell yeah?! Now everyone can stop telling me that I should have a comments box so it’s easier for them. Hehe.
Also fixed is my side feed, for Google followers. But you have to un-follow first, the re-follow again. Thank you!
Will put up a proper update tomorrow. I shall go have breakfast now! Lol.
So, what you waiting for? Start commenting! :)