Uno : Fun Facts

Day 1: Introduce, recent picture of yourself, 15 interesting facts.
  • I like taking pictures. More than I like my pictures being taken. But I still want pictures of myself.
  • I sleep at the oddest hours. Most of the time I’m heading to bed when everyone’s waking up.
  • I do not really enjoy shopping. I love buying new things, and once in a while I feel like going on a spree, but more likely than not, I would be the person complaining about having to walk around a mall for hours. I prefer to grab and go.
  • I sometimes spend hours doing my hair/make up/picking something to wear. But just when you think I’m the girliest girl you could find, you turn around and see me again, this time in a baggy t-shirt with my hair up in a bun.
  • I’m a complete geek in some ways. I wear glasses. I know my html coding. I play lame online games. Yeah.
  • But I think I’m pretty damn cool too. Really, I can be fun at times! :p
  • I have 7 tattoos and 28 piercings. Used to be 30, but I got so fat that my belly piercing fell out.
  • I’m not actually SO fat. I’m just chubby. Hehehehe.
  • I feel like I sometimes leave my friends feeling neglected because I’m not around to hang out with them often enough. (If you’re one of my friends that feels this way, I hope you KNOW that I LOVE YOU!)
  • I LIVE ONLINE. I know some people say I should get a life. Or that the internet is not everything. But if you move around like I do, and have people you love, all over the world, you should understand that the internet is the closest thing to being a part of their lives. Or letting them be a part of mine. So yes, I have no plans of getting off the internet.
  • I love strawberry flavoured things. (Ice cream, sweets, drinks) But I hate actual strawberries. When I have them with whipped cream, I always end up only finishing the whipped cream.
  • I am random. I believe it is because my mind is overflowing with thoughts and ideas and I can’t really focus on just one thing at a time, so I may say the weirdest things at the weirdest times. Really.
  • I am very forgetful. I try to put everything I pick up back in the place it came from or else I’d never find it again. And even then, I still “misplace” all kinds of things, regularly.
  • I have really long nails. Nails that sound like they’re attacking the keyboard when I type. It actually physically hurt to type for a while when I first decided to keep really long nails, but then I got used to it.
  • I ramble, a lot. That’s also probably why my fingers got used to the pain it felt while typing. Coz sometimes I can write a two page long post without even realising it. And then I have to go re-read again and cut it down so that normal human beings might actually be able to finish reading it.

8 thoughts on “Uno : Fun Facts

  1. Hello~! lol sometimes I sleep at odd hours too..although my girlfriend is starting to correct me. She gets so pissed off if i sleep late…like 4 am late.

    I have followed your blog.
    Could you follow mine too please at:
    SkyBlueTrading Blog

    I currently have a competition of stock price guessing where I will give the winner $3.00 for guess it right~


  2. oh hello thaar.

    nice random facts about you.

    I used to have this type of post and it was called 100 Things, cant remember where that post went though.

  3. Charissa says:

    Hahaha. How do you lose a post? That is a serious case of being forgetful :p Probably worse than me. Hehe.

  4. erm erm.. lets just say when you blog for 10 years+ you cant remember

  5. Charissa says:

    Whoa! You've been blogging for so long now?! Nice! :D

  6. yesh. though i lost post from July 2002 to January 2004 .

    Somehow i think my 100 things post was there

  7. Charissa says:

    How you lost your posts, I have no idea. Lol.

    Was it a hundred things about you? Like, you actually could think of a hundred things to say about yourself? O.o

  8. erm… yeah

    100 random facts about me .. me .meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

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