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The Oscars!

It’s been the awards season, and what better show to watch than the Annual Academy Awards, also knowns as the Oscars. And which girl does not love looking at stars going down the red carpet? Here’s my “review” on some of this year’s red carpet looks.

Gwyneth Paltrow Nicole KidmanX
Glee completely changed the way I see Gwyneth Paltrow. I think she’s smokin hot!

Halle Berry X Mandy Moore X
I’m not completely hating these, I’m just not a fan of fishtail inspired dresses.
Penelope Cruz X Jennifer Hudson
I always have an issue with fat people after they’ve lost weight. It somehow gives them a weird alien-ish look. Kudos to Jennifer Hudson for sticking to her Weight Watchers diet and losing all those pounds (dieting/exercising aren’t the easiest things to do), but I kinda think her mouth looks a little too big for her face now. And am I the only one that thinks her boobs look off? Call me crazy, but I preferred her “curvy”.
Sandra Bullock Anne Hathaway
Don’t like the flowers on Anne Hathaway’s dress, but I like red. Especially on fairer skin. And paired with bold, red lipstick, these are almost my favourite red carpet looks.
Mila Kunis Amy Adams X
Don’t really mind the dress Amy Adams has on, but the neckline seems a little uncomfortable. And can I say, Black Swan did nothing but emphasize on how hot Mila Kunis is. She could honestly be wearing a tablecloth and I’d probably be like “WOW”.
Scarlett Johannson X Natalie Portman
Speaking of tablecloths, lol. Scarlett Johannson is too young to be wearing something with so much lace on it. And Natalie Portman showed up in another stunning preggers friendly dress.
Natalie Portman in Black Swan. Anyone who hasn’t watched this movie, should watch it.
Be careful though. Certain scenes may turn you on. A whole lot!

Drive Angry!

Went for the movie screening thanks to and Nuffnang.
Once in KLCC (23-02-2011)
And then again in 1st Avenue Mall (26-02-2011)
Getting to watch a free movie is never a bad thing. But this is one movie that’s really not worth showing up for. Yes Amber Heard is kinda hot. And it’s not horribly bad, but it completely lacks a proper storyline. And Nicholas Cage really needs to start choosing different kind of roles. This was so close to Ghostrider that one might get confused at parts. I even slept through the movie the second time we went to watch it.
Sorry, no good review this time. I loved the cars that convoyed up and stuff. But the movie, not something I’d watch again. Free or not.

Veintinueve : Wishes?

Day 29: 3 Wishes.

Honestly, I don’t really believe in making wishes. Not when I blow out the candle on my birthday cake. Not when I see a shooting star. And we all know that genies in bottles/lamps don’t even exist. So does listing it down here really matter when I know that there’s probably no possibility of it actually happening? Well, not because I wished it to happen anyways.
What I do believe in, is hard work, a strong will and perseverance. Setting a goal and working towards it. Nothing good comes easy. And easy things are never actually worth it.
So, no wishes. But my list of goals are here.

Veintiocho : Stress

Day 28: Something that stresses you out.
I am somewhat a very OCD person when it comes to certain things. Making plans is one of those things. I am more often then person calling everyone else to confirm details then the other way around. Making these plans, stress me out. Having plans cancelled last minute stresses me out too. I think it’s just the planning thing in general. FriendA calls me and tells me what he/she wants to do, then I call FriendB to confirm. Then FriendB wants to do something else and I have to let FriendA know, and then re-plan things, and then call FriendB to let him/her know. Imagine a situation involving more than just a few people. It can get really stressful. I guess that’s why I’m trying not to make any major plans right now. Try to just go with the flow for a while.
But somehow I doubt how affective that would be. Chilling too much stresses me out too -_-“

Veintisiete : Penang

Day 27: Original Photo of the city you live in.

Photo credit :
No, those aren’t shots that I took.
But yes, that is beautiful, wonderful Penang.
It is for the majority of time, the city I live in.