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Tres : my First Love

Day 3: Your first love.

I fell in love very early in life. At the time that it happened, I was too young to fully understand the situation and the severity of the love I felt. I did not know that it would take me on a long and wonderful journey. And sure it was stressful at times, but what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger right?

This love I speak about was probably love in it’s purest form. An innocent mind discovering new wonders. And I can honestly say that I will never be able to feel that kind of love for anything or anyone else in my life.

I shall not mention names here. I cannot mention names here.

Because there isn’t actually a name that needs to be mentioned. My first love was music. What did you think I was talking about?

Left picture’s of me, aged 5, at my first solo piano/organ recital. Right picture is of me, aged 8, proudly standing in the middle because it was the day I got to play my first solo violin piece. It was Lenggang Kangkung (a Malaysian-ized version of an Indonesian song) I think.
I have loved music ever since the day my parents forced me to go for my first piano lesson when I was 2years and 11months old. I love playing music, listening to music, singing along to music and probably doing any other music related activity you could think of. Although my parent’s would insist on telling you that they suffered a whole lot to get me to the place I am at now. I did after all put up such huge fights because I hated having to go for classes and sitting for my Theory Examinations back then. But come on. Who likes taking exams?
And I chose to share this story because I found music way before I discovered boys. And I don’t really see a point in sharing my first-boyfriend-love story. It was ages ago, and I can’t even be sure if my first love was real love in the first place.
But if you want to ask me anything about my first boyfriend, feel free to go ahead and ask :p

That Brown Toy Poodle

Apparently there has been a FB page “Andrew and Michelle’s Save The Poodle Mission”.
You know, Sushi, the brown toy poodle.
And for a while the page or rather Andrew and team were asking for the public to donate, to raise funds to for them to hire a private investigator. Funds of between RM 20k-30k. There was some drama over whether the page was a hoax or not, but I will not bother touching on that.
What I want to say in this post is, why are people so willing to donate to Andrew and team so that they are able to hire a P.I? When the money would be put to better use if it were donated directly to an animal shelter or a charity organization.
Sure the case of the Brown Toy Poodle has been heartbreaking for many people. And it was definitely not a video I would ask anyone to watch. Or an act anyone should be doing. But Sushi the Brown Toy Poodle is not the only animal out there being abused. Are people not aware of the hundreds, probably thousands of homeless animals that are not getting treated properly as well? Animals getting put to sleep every day because they do not manage to get adopted soon enough and shelters do not have enough money to continue taking care of the growing amount of animals that get sent to them.
If everyone is so willing to donate for one little poodle, why not get up and go donate to charity organizations that are working on a daily basis to keep hundreds and thousands of animals alive? Or better yet, go adopt a pet yourself. How many of you that have pets of good breed, stop to worry about how they came to be? Adopt a pet because when you buy one, demands go up for puppies, and as long as there is a demand, there will be dog farms. Yes, dog farms, where animals are abused, mistreated and held captive for the sole purpose of breeding, so that people can be fussy about the breeds they buy.
So instead of just sitting in front of your computer screen, complaining about one poodle being abused, go out today and adopt an animal, regardless of breed or age or condition, give it a proper home, and save it from the pain of having to live without a family, food, love, and possibly even save it from abuse. I’ve had many mongrel (paria) pets through my life. And I would personally say, it was a lovely experience.
You people sit there talking about how Sushi’s owners were cruel. Very true. But in all honesty, if you saw a sickly dog or cat in pain by the side of the road, would you go pick it up, and take it to a place where it could get some proper treatment then nurture it back to health on your own?
Kudos to those who would. I salute the people who have put in real effort. The world is a better place because of you. But to those who know deep down that they would not, you might as well stop complaining about it, because you know how that saying goes. You’re either part of the solution, or you’re part of the problem.
Get up today and go pay a visit to a local animal shelter. These are just a few of the many results I pulled off a Google search. If you try hard enough, I bet you could find one very near you.
Think about it. If 10 thousand of you who who were sitting online commenting on “Save Sushi” pages went out and adopted 10 thousand animals, 10 thousand animals would now have a home.