That Brown Toy Poodle

Apparently there has been a FB page “Andrew and Michelle’s Save The Poodle Mission”.
You know, Sushi, the brown toy poodle.
And for a while the page or rather Andrew and team were asking for the public to donate, to raise funds to for them to hire a private investigator. Funds of between RM 20k-30k. There was some drama over whether the page was a hoax or not, but I will not bother touching on that.
What I want to say in this post is, why are people so willing to donate to Andrew and team so that they are able to hire a P.I? When the money would be put to better use if it were donated directly to an animal shelter or a charity organization.
Sure the case of the Brown Toy Poodle has been heartbreaking for many people. And it was definitely not a video I would ask anyone to watch. Or an act anyone should be doing. But Sushi the Brown Toy Poodle is not the only animal out there being abused. Are people not aware of the hundreds, probably thousands of homeless animals that are not getting treated properly as well? Animals getting put to sleep every day because they do not manage to get adopted soon enough and shelters do not have enough money to continue taking care of the growing amount of animals that get sent to them.
If everyone is so willing to donate for one little poodle, why not get up and go donate to charity organizations that are working on a daily basis to keep hundreds and thousands of animals alive? Or better yet, go adopt a pet yourself. How many of you that have pets of good breed, stop to worry about how they came to be? Adopt a pet because when you buy one, demands go up for puppies, and as long as there is a demand, there will be dog farms. Yes, dog farms, where animals are abused, mistreated and held captive for the sole purpose of breeding, so that people can be fussy about the breeds they buy.
So instead of just sitting in front of your computer screen, complaining about one poodle being abused, go out today and adopt an animal, regardless of breed or age or condition, give it a proper home, and save it from the pain of having to live without a family, food, love, and possibly even save it from abuse. I’ve had many mongrel (paria) pets through my life. And I would personally say, it was a lovely experience.
You people sit there talking about how Sushi’s owners were cruel. Very true. But in all honesty, if you saw a sickly dog or cat in pain by the side of the road, would you go pick it up, and take it to a place where it could get some proper treatment then nurture it back to health on your own?
Kudos to those who would. I salute the people who have put in real effort. The world is a better place because of you. But to those who know deep down that they would not, you might as well stop complaining about it, because you know how that saying goes. You’re either part of the solution, or you’re part of the problem.
Get up today and go pay a visit to a local animal shelter. These are just a few of the many results I pulled off a Google search. If you try hard enough, I bet you could find one very near you.
Think about it. If 10 thousand of you who who were sitting online commenting on “Save Sushi” pages went out and adopted 10 thousand animals, 10 thousand animals would now have a home.

17 thoughts on “That Brown Toy Poodle

  1. Mich says:

    totally agree with u, the uproar of sushi's case totally surprised me that there are people who actually care about all these stuff, but when i think about it, they're only joining the crowd..not really taking proper and helpful actions are they? =) good post !

  2. Charissa says:

    If people only realised the amount of power they have in their hands to go out the and change the world, we wouldn't have cases like these to talk about.

  3. Su says:

    100% agree, we have same thought !
    I am so glad that some one post out something that make sense and constructive!! Pointless to just keep cursing and do nothing.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Agreed & well said.
    After all the woo haas…

    I already knew the PI will not work at the first. They said have all the info, why not just send to the authority? then push and pressure them to investigate? hire PI cost 30K is a lot of money. that's 3 months expenses for Madam Wong's Shelter.

    All these people who donate because they want to see a drama of how the PI catch the Abuser then they can say or feel,… hey, I funded that. Did they ever thought of donate to save other dogs/cats in need?…

    Andrew and the Team is quite funny too. They don't want to be known as “Hero” but their “Group/Page” name already suggested that. Why not just use” Save the Poodle Mission”? at the first place….and who's Michelle?… DUH and the Video?… I just feel like they trying to use the opportunity to have a 5 sec glam and a good way to promo Nikonian or what so ever business they're doing…yah, and the photo of them? can't they just use the pet's pic or something anonymous if they didnt want the “fame” ( just something I observed….)

    And they force people to donate RM100 at the first place. What if I just want to donate rm20? after they get complaints..only then, they make another option of rm50…it's not 50cents…then they complaint M'sian is not supportive. Didn't they know, 50rm is quite a lot for most people here? I'm not saying they area scam/hoax/cheater…. just feel the whole “mission” is contradicting…

  5. Charissa says:

    It's like they wanted to “work for the people”, but they didn't really give the people much options when donating. Yes, a hundred is a LOT to some.

    Now that this case has brought so much attention to animal abuse, I think the focus should be directed to all the other animals in need. At least something good can come out of it.

  6. RS says:

    you're so right. but thats the thing about human nature. when you're infuriated, u don't think straight and what u do in response to the problem is almost always irrational.

    anger is poison. patience is virtue.

    but thats human nature. u become angry, dont think straight and do stupid and irrational things. like the church burnings that took place in 2010. I cried when that happened, believe it or not!

    sigh. what to do?

  7. Charissa says:

    True. People are capable of being very irrational at times. But not the entire community falls into that category. As long as there are people who are trying to deal with things the right way, all hope is not lost yet :)

  8. 小J says:


    Maybe you should read this post on that “Save the Poodle” Page

    Then you'll know what's their intentions

  9. Charissa says:

    I did read that post :)
    Doesn't matter the intentions of Andrew and team (good or bad). The point here is that WE, the people, can do so much more than just save ONE animal :)

  10. Anonymous says:

    this is funny, is like saying lets not help stop child abuser and donate to unicef instead.

  11. Charissa says:

    It ISN'T actually.

    I did not say, do not care about this case.

    I said, do not ONLY care about this case, but go out and do something about the issue itself. In this case, animal abuse.

    It isn't right to “not help stop a child abuser and donate to unicef instead”, but it isn't right to just sit there talking about one child abuser and not do anything about the rest.

    I would love to get a reply :)

  12. Anonymous says:

    Dang…is the police doing anything for real? Anyone knows?

  13. Charissa says:

    There have been leads, and the police say they are on it. But only they would know for sure. We're all keeping our fingers crossed.

  14. zurene says:

    I totally agree with all of the above…in a non-related topic or somewhat related..a friend of mine and I have started a group for people to adopt strays

    Pls help this cause

    Charissa I agree with you only takes 1 person to make a change ..and instead of JUST spending time focusing on Sushi..people should be inspired to go out there and help in general.I believe this video will provoke many kind hearts to action .

    If we can see from that awful video how 1 dog can be treated so cruelly;imagine there are 100 to 1000 over undiscovered dogs abuse case…!so how about the rest?let's do our part instead of whining and complaining about what and what not the police should be doing

    ask yourself r u doing anything proactive to help?

  15. Anonymous says:

    I think people are just very upset, as this video and the treatment Sushi got is very, very heartbreaking. I also think alot of the people have dogs too, and know how loving and loyal a dog can be, and therefore cannot tahan seeing how little Sushi was treated.

    Even if you cannot bear to look at the video for long, you'd see that alof of relevant freeze-frame shots were posted, and in there you could see little Sushi's fearful and miserable face. It's just heartbreaking for dog lovers.

    I think that's where everyone is coming from, therefore they want to see some action and results.

    Also, if you're from Malaysia and Singapore, you'd recognise IMMEDIATELY the kind of trash that Alan and Doreen was – CHAO AH BENGS. The worse kind of trash in both countries. You'd know that most Chao Ah Bengs like Alan chee bye WILL probably go out and do the same to another dog, which alot have also suspected the other pet, the shihtzu is going through the same things. So they want to see this pair nabbed.

    My own hope is that, if the law isn't going to be getting them, then I hope some kind of mob justice will. Because knowing what these CHAO AH BENG gangs are like (no honour, no integrity, unlike gangs of old- only full of trash and druggies), they will not be handing over Alan Chao Ah Beng. Perhaps unless there's a big reward. That is how these Chao Ah Beng a***h**** are, in Malaysia and Singapore. Come on, those of us who live here know it only too well.

  16. Anonymous says:

    It's true that there are other lots of animals and not just dogs that are being abused out there but the attention that this case is getting may not be all that bad, we could be punishing one to warn a million. A message will be sent out if something could be done to the abusers in question which could have a good outcome ultimately.
    I am also enraged to know things like this happen and I agree that everyone can play a part but you also have to be mindful that some people may just be doing the responsible thing by not adopting a pet simply because they're not capable of providing proper care for pets and that the only way they could help is putting in a donation. Judgement should be reserved until facts confirm them.

  17. AnimalSmile says:

    There are surely so much to say, but there is greater responsibility to do.

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