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Cinco : David Knight

Day 5: A song to match your mood.
One might assume that since it is Chinese New Year here, I’m going to be putting up a Chinese New Year related song. But errrr, with the exception of one or two typical songs I hear being played over astro as my grandmother watches her shows, I don’t actually listen to chinese songs. Mainly because I would not understand what is being said.
So here’s a non CNY related one that I’ve been listening to, that seems to make me feel so at peace. It’s beautiful. I feel connected to it in some weird way. It’s so weird that I can’t even begin to describe the feeling.
David Knight. A singer-songwriter, composer and music producer from San Jose, California who is currently traveling and making music in Asia. Was introduced to his music by a good friend and I am now in love with it.
Here’s a site where you can listen to more of his songs. Mandala – David Knight. Completely worth your time.