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Seis : Pretty Colours

Day 6: A picture of something that makes you happy.

I’ve always been a fan of bright colours. Just looks so pretty.
This picture makes me feel all colourful inside.
I also love baking. That was, when I had an oven to use anyways. I’ve made pink themed cupcakes and cookies. And there was once we made blue and green cookies as well. Which were completely edible, but looked like play dough. We never finished eating em.
I guess in some ways I wanna be that typical housewife you see in classic tv shows. Having a hot batch of cookies on the dining table every Sunday morning. Packing school lunches for the kids. Cooking dinner every night. And no, I don’t really know why myself. So no point asking. Hehe.

But come on, is there anything prettier than a rainbow coloured cake?
p/s : Pictures courtesy of www.omnomicon.com. I’ve linked it to the recipe page for those of you who would like to experiment around a little and feel really colourful too. Enjoy!