Nueve : My Bestfriend ♥

Day 9: A favorite picture of your best friend.

Hehehehe. Yes, that’s the picture I’m choosing. With my hair that colour and all. New Year’s Eve of 2008. That means the 31st of Dec 2007. It’s my favourite picture of my best friend because that picture was taken before we became best friends. It’s like looking so far back into the past, back to something I can’t even really remember anymore. Coz I don’t remember what it was like, not being friends then.
And yes, that is also my now boyfriend. It’s the only time I’ve gotten into a relationship with someone I’ve known for years. It’s awesome in some ways, but really scary too. Coz I don’t wanna ever lose a best friend that way.
And like I said in my thank you note.
I don’t want to write this just because we’re in a relationship right now and I love you as a girlfriend. I want to thank you as a friend, for the 3 years of friendship you’ve given me, and for the many years to come. I don’t know what the future holds for us, no one does. But nothing will change the fact that you always have, and will forever be an important part of my life.
A relationship doesn’t take away the friendship. It just makes it more special.
So yes, that is my favourite picture of a then stranger who became my best friend, then my boyfriend, and forever will be someone I love with all my heart.
And yes, he doesn’t really like people taking pictures of him.

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