Diez : Are You Afraid of The Dark?

Day 10: Something you’re afraid of.
This one was a little hard. Coz I’m not exactly afraid of anything in particular.
No Gymnophobia (nudity), Ailurophobia (cats), Algophobia (pain), Cataptrophobia (mirrors), Dipsophobia (drinking), Pteromerhanophobia (flying). None at all. I’m not the type of girl who screams when she sees a cockroach or rat. Sure it might make me jump, and if I could have it my way, I would not want to come across one like, ever. But if I do, it’s not going to make me cry or ruin my day.
I guess the biggest fear I have would be of the dark. Not like being-in-my-room-with-the-lights-off kinda dark. But like, being in the middle of sea, alone at night. Scares the shit out of me. Pools at night too. I can be in the shallow end, or like by the sea side, but I CAN NOT be in the water not knowing what’s under my treading feet. I get this weird feeling of someone or some creature swimming around under me and that it’s going to come up and grab me by my feet. Each and every time. Used to be a problem because my mum used to take us to the club house to teach us to swim after her work and that was usually about 7pm, just when the sun was setting. Thank god I wasn’t alone then, but still, you can’t imagine the happiness I felt when I finished learning how to swim and didn’t have to spend so much time there anymore!
So yeah. Now that everyone knows the thing I fear the most, please do not ask me to jump in a pool or go to the sea for a swim at night. Thank you :)

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