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Doce : A Tampon Too!

Day 12: Something you don’t leave the house without.

Haha. Can I say “clothes” and just leave it at that? Coz I’m pretty sure that’s the one thing I’d never ever leave the house without. I don’t have the confidence to walk out naked. Also, I’m not crazy.
Okay. Lets see. Up til the age of 18, I never carried a handbag. I put my purse in the back left pocket. My phone in the right front pocket. And that’s all I had to carry around. But then I started adding things to that list. Compact powder & mirror, cigarettes, camera. So I guess those are the things I don’t leave the house without. I don’t really bother checking my bag before leaving, but I know those things hardly ever leave my bag. I also have an eyeliner, a shaver, a spare tampon, panadol and a pair of earings, always in my bag. You never know when you may need one of those things.
No judging on the shaver, panadol and tampon part. They have actually come in handy. For myself and the people around me. Those are stories I shall save for another day ;)

Sometimes, Money = Happiness

Went post-Chinese-New-Year shopping today. Yay!
So here’s some of the stuff I bought.
(left) A couple of t-shirts. From random shops.
(right) Tube top that I already have in brown, which happens to be my fav one over the past year. And this hippy jumper thing. My favourite buy of the day. From Bead Zone.
(top) Super high heels with snake skin design, which Dinesh didn’t really like but I loved, so I got it.
(bottom) Really comfortable pretty flats. Both from Maldo.
(left) Funky top which also kinda passes as a dress.
(right) Formal-ish short dress. Really pretty. Both from the same shop. Can’t remember the name anymore.
And all this shopping was done in Prangin Mall. Yes. I know it’s not exactly the place you’d chose to hang out at. Now with Gurney, Queensbay and Straits Quay. But I still like shopping there. It’s kinda fun. And not too pricey as well.