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Trece : Goals

Day 13: Goals.
I have had all kinds of interests in all kinds of fields. And I’ve moved and changed “lifestyles” so many times as well. All of that has thought me to go with the flow of things. It’s also made setting goals a little hard to do. Because I don’t know what will change over the next 10 years.
I do however have a Things-I-Want-To-Do list. So i’ll share that with you all instead.
More of less in order of which should come first, here it is.
  • Buy a really awesome DSLR.
  • Start up my own little business.
  • Shop, til I actually, literally drop.
  • Organize a large scale charity drive.
  • Get a cool car.
  • Go backpacking (Australia, Europe & South America)
  • Spend some time being a social worker.
  • Get married & start a family.
Other things have made it to the list, and been taken off. But those are the few that remain. I would probably be able to die happy once I have done 6 out of those 8. Will not settle for any less! :)