Catorce : The Old Me

Day 14: A picture of you last year – how have you changed?


Early 2010. Before and after I cut my hair.
Which one do you like better?
I think I have stated so many times in my more recent posts that I have felt myself change over the past year. Especially the few months. Like, a significant change, not just that I got a new hairstyle.
I went through a couple of really rough patches between Oct 09 – June 10. And boy did that do some damage! But there’s nothing that time can’t heal right? In August, my life changed again. I met a group of really lovely friends. And I also got into a new relationship with an old friend (also something I never tried before). I know some may judge me, and want to tell me that getting into relationships don’t solve anything, but I will explain why I feel the need to be in one, almost all the time, some other day. Save the judging for then will you? :)
New people in my life, for once thought me a really important lesson. It’s not like we don’t do anything silly or wrong once in a while. In fact, there’s actually quite a long list of things. But having them in my life was like a kick in the butt to get myself sorted out. Because if I didn’t fix me, I wouldn’t be able to do anything about our friendships if something bad ever happened.
I really don’t know if it makes any sense to anyone else out there. But it’s like, I’ve met so many idiots in my life and had a couple of friends that I knew really weren’t worth keeping around, so I didn’t have to care that much. Now that I have really amazing people in my life, I don’t want to keep making mistakes and end up chasing them away, or feeling like I want to run.
So that’s the biggest difference I feel has happened over the past year. 21 year old me would be proud of 22 year old me because 22 year old me is very proud of herself.

But seriously, long hair? Or short hair?
Would appreciate the opinions because i’m thinking of cutting my hair again.

3 thoughts on “Catorce : The Old Me

  1. linah says:

    actually, you look nice in both!:D

  2. m. says:

    my vote is for short!

  3. XueLing♥ says:

    both look pretty to me! :D

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