Quince : Love

Day 15: Bible verse.

This post is timed. Because I am busy helping out and preparing for “Aunty Kiew’s Animal Shelter Donation Drive”. I have timed it to go up at 11a.m. so that anyone who has forgotten about it/didn’t know about it would still have time to click HERE and come show your support as well.
So, as many of you all know, I am not a very religious person. My connection to God is about as strong as a wooden stick, and not even a thick one. It does not in any way mean I worship the devil, or think that people that put their lives in God’s hands are stupid. I just don’t live my life that way because it wasn’t really the way I was brought up. I grew up being told that I could believe, or not believe. And even religion itself was a free thing. Christianity, Buddhism, Muslim, Hinduism. It was my choice to make later on in life when I was more mature and capable of thinking about it. Not my parent’s duty to force in onto me.
Still, I have done reading on my own, and there’s this verse. Or a few verses from the Bible that I’ve always really loved. 1 Corinthians Chapter 13 Verses 4-7 (1 Cor 13:4-7)
Love. What does it mean to YOU?
I am spending the day before Valentine’s cleaning up an animal shelter and taking care of abandoned and stray dogs. Then, I am spending Valentine’s day itself with my friends. Stepping “out of the box” this year. When I begun this challenge, I looked at number 15 and thought to myself, what on earth? I had no idea writing this post would make me feel such happiness on so many different levels.

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