Viente : NicknaMEs

Day 20: Nicknames.

Let’s see. I am now Charissa Adeline on my facebook profile. But I have also been Carrie Lynn, Alexis Lynn, Scarlett Ecstacy and Sierra MaryJane. It is safe to say that I am fickle minded, and more or less fine with nicknames. I don’t even really tell people what to call me most of the time. It just kinda depends on which point in life I get to know someone. Or what they feel like calling me.

There is however one nickname that for some reason I’ve never been too fond of. “Rissa”. And of course, for some reason, that is the most used one. I guess it’s because it’s a part of my actual name. And it’s easy to pronounce, and remember. But I think it’s boring. And plain.

I doubt that‘ll stop people from calling me Rissa though. Oh well. Can’t have everything my way now, can I?

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