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Sexy Sunday

So here’s what we did.

Went to Hard Rock to watch Battle of the Bands.

We were actually there as groupies of Cats In Love. One of the bands that performed there.

Cats In Love. Their Facebook page is HERE.
Fun fact. Cats In Love (an unlikely name for an unlikely bunch of musicians) got it’s name when then bass player, Rizal, kept hearing the chorus to it’s song Can’t See Love as Cats In Love.

Shannya and I. Reuben, the drummer, is her cousin.

Outside Hard Rock, obviously.
This picture is probably one I would keep forever and pull out to show my kids in the future. And then they’d go “Ohmygod. Ya’ll look so young and funny” the same way I say that to my parents when I see their hippy-ish photos from the 80s.

Then we took the LRT to Bukit Bintang to watch some Capoeira in front of Maybank.
Well actually, Bonnie’s pretty into Capoeira and participated in it. So we followed her and stood there watching in complete awe.

We walked to Kayu right after that for the most ridiculously priced dinner ever. Don’t eat there.

And then took the LRT back to Hard Rock to get to the cars.
We went to Shivz Grill in Bangsar after that for their Salsa Social night. No pictures because we were too busy dancing. Hahahaha alright, we didn’t dance. But we learnt to. And now I want to go take Capoeira and Salsa lessons. It’s pretty awesome. Good dancers, nice ambiance. So if you’re looking for a place to Salsa, or just a place to go dancing on a Sunday night, go ahead and check the place out. It’s along the row of shops right by the mainroad, so it would be pretty hard to miss.
To quote Shannya here, “The most unattractive person suddenly becomes the most attractive in the room when they suddenly start to salsa“. So completely true!

Veintitres : Perfect Date

Day 23: Your idea of a perfect first date.

It doesn’t have to be a romantic dinner for two by the beach.
He doesn’t have to show up with flowers in hand
…and pick me up with a stretch limo.
Or look like this.
(although I really wouldn’t mind)
Honestly, all that matters is that we connect, wherever it is we are, whatever it is we’re doing.
Just me and him, lost in a sea of other people that don’t matter in that moment.
That alone would be pretty damn amazing.