Veintiocho : Stress

Day 28: Something that stresses you out.
I am somewhat a very OCD person when it comes to certain things. Making plans is one of those things. I am more often then person calling everyone else to confirm details then the other way around. Making these plans, stress me out. Having plans cancelled last minute stresses me out too. I think it’s just the planning thing in general. FriendA calls me and tells me what he/she wants to do, then I call FriendB to confirm. Then FriendB wants to do something else and I have to let FriendA know, and then re-plan things, and then call FriendB to let him/her know. Imagine a situation involving more than just a few people. It can get really stressful. I guess that’s why I’m trying not to make any major plans right now. Try to just go with the flow for a while.
But somehow I doubt how affective that would be. Chilling too much stresses me out too -_-“

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