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Drive Angry!

Went for the movie screening thanks to Zerotohundred.com and Nuffnang.
Once in KLCC (23-02-2011)
And then again in 1st Avenue Mall (26-02-2011)
Getting to watch a free movie is never a bad thing. But this is one movie that’s really not worth showing up for. Yes Amber Heard is kinda hot. And it’s not horribly bad, but it completely lacks a proper storyline. And Nicholas Cage really needs to start choosing different kind of roles. This was so close to Ghostrider that one might get confused at parts. I even slept through the movie the second time we went to watch it.
Sorry, no good review this time. I loved the cars that convoyed up and stuff. But the movie, not something I’d watch again. Free or not.

Veintinueve : Wishes?

Day 29: 3 Wishes.

Honestly, I don’t really believe in making wishes. Not when I blow out the candle on my birthday cake. Not when I see a shooting star. And we all know that genies in bottles/lamps don’t even exist. So does listing it down here really matter when I know that there’s probably no possibility of it actually happening? Well, not because I wished it to happen anyways.
What I do believe in, is hard work, a strong will and perseverance. Setting a goal and working towards it. Nothing good comes easy. And easy things are never actually worth it.
So, no wishes. But my list of goals are here.