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A writer

I never used to call myself a writer. I mean, why would I? I was and still am, just an average person you would see walking down the road next to you. I breathe like you, I eat, sleep, walk and talk like you.

The only thing I do different is that I jot down the insanity that goes on in my head instead of allowing it to pass. When something affects me so much and I want to do something about it, I choose to let out what I think. I am just writing, if you ask me. I am not a writer.

Writing. It is an opportunity that every child gets when they learn to understand their thoughts and imagination, and then hold on tightly to their pencil as they learn to trace alphabets and words from the images they have learnt and then put in onto paper. Maybe it is magic, maybe it is a “gift”. But regardless of which, I think we’re all given the chance to be a writer.
So why are we so scared of that term then? Scared to make that statement and let everyone know what we think we are? I think it boils down to our fear of being labeled. Because along with it comes expectations. It sort of commits us, and maybe some of us don’t want that pressure. But stop and think about it, why are we so scared when all it forces us to do is what we already have been doing?
Well, I finally learnt to not be scared of that. I am what I am. And I want to be a writer. I realised that I want this for no other reason but one. Writers change people. Every word they write, every sentence they put together, they touch someone somewhere. I want to effect change.

I am a writer. It’s not what I do, it is who I am. In some way, I think we all are. We are people with ideas with a voice that refuses to be silenced. So we write. We write because there is honestly no better feeling in or out of this world than writing and knowing that someone half way across the world gets it. It is priceless.