Battle : Los Angeles

Another premiere thanks to Nuffnang.
The players
Director : Jonathan Liebesman
Actors : Aaron Eckheart ( Ssgt Michael Nantz), Ramon Rodriguez (2nd Lt William Martinez), Bridget Moynahan (Michele), Ne-yo (Cpl Kevin Harris) & Michelle Rodriguez (TSgt Elena Santos)
Battle: Los Angeles revolves around a Marine staff sergeant and his new platoon’s battle against an alien invasion on the streets of Los Angeles. The movies is presented as an intense real-time war movie from the perspective of the Marines. It has been described by some as “Black Hawk Down meets Independence Day”. It will be a live-action drama, showcasing the United States Marines attempting to defeat an alien invasion of planet Earth.
My review
Just like most other alien invasion movies, I was both fascinated and bored by this one. For a movie that’s meant to be from the perspective of Marines, there wasn’t much build on the characters and we weren’t given a chance to connect with them. Characters were dying left and right, but I honestly couldn’t remember any of their names and I barely even felt their absence after that. It’s not all bad though. The movie kicked ass special effects wise. Scenes of Los Angeles in destruction and alien war ships were convincing enough. Although we never really get a good enough look at the aliens.
Overall, Battle: Los Angeles doesn’t fare too bad against other movies in it’s genre. Keep in mind that all invasion movies are ridiculously stupid at some level. But if fast paced action is all it takes to get your juices flowing, then this would be a movie for you.

2 thoughts on “Battle : Los Angeles

  1. JIM says:

    ok so this sounds like a cable deal..I can wait till then lol

  2. Isaac Tan says:

    nice writeup :)

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